I am creating an app that uses voice input on Apple Watch.
It is a simple specification that the voice input screen is launched when the button is pressed.

Error message If i press the

button, the screen changes to the voice input screen, but the voice input function does not start there.
Only the cancel button is displayed in the upper left, and others are pure black and do not recognize the voice.

Applicable source code

@IBAction func recordMemo () {
presentTextInputController (withSuggestions: nil, allowedInputMode: .plain, completion: {(results)->Void in
let aResult = results? [0] as? String
print (aResult as Any)


I have seen a lot of articles from overseas, but I don't know the cause. . .
Thank you.

Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

The following error message appears.

Dictation is not supported in the WatchKit Simulator

However, voice input is also accepted if withSuggestions is a character array instead of nil.