As you can see from the title, a SyntaxError occurs when a string is searched with an if statement and the in operator.
Since the syntax is wrong, look for "if"love and fights are justified everywhere" "quote" in"justification":I tried, but I do not know where is wrong.
I would be grateful if you taught me.

  • Answer # 1

    If you copy and paste "if"love and fights are justified" "in"justification" ;:" into the notepad
    There was a full-width space immediately before in. This seems to be the cause of the error.

  • Answer # 2


    "if"love and fights are justified" quote "in"justification" ;:"


    is accurate, the full-width space is just before in.

  • Answer # 3

    Select from the end of line 3 after':'to the line immediately before `print ("the second is True")'Delete it and try again. Maybe a strange code with invisible characters.

    I'm sorry. I misread the error. Probably not.

  • Answer # 4