Please help me, about app development! !

I was developing an iOS app with Xcode, but suddenly I couldn't build a simulator (one week after development).

Because the cause was"Failed to create provisioning profile." ;, I examined it, but the provisioning file was used only for actual machine testing, so the build for the simulator failed for this reason I don't know what to do ...

Do I still have to register as a developer just to run it on the simulator?

  • Answer # 1

    No, not necessary.
    Is the device selection in the upper left of the Xcode screen set to Simulator?
    I think that you can understand if you have a screen capture.

  • Answer # 2

    Solved! ! !

    When I scrolled down on the left side of the screen,
    On source code completely unrelated to Provisioning profile
    I was spitting an error. . .

    There was a red surprise mark on my account
    Crying misunderstanding that it was a problem
    I noticed that toki_td's answer,
    thank you very much! ! !