<Google SpreadSheet function IMPORTXML>
In the daily technical indicator table in the submenu of the following site
I am creating an ATR value acquisition function, but I am stuck at the XPath specification.
(I could get both time IMPORTXML and IMPORTHTML)

In A1 cell https://jp.investing.com/technical/usd-jpy-technical-analysis
(Sub-menu becomes time bar for direct URL access.)

Error message

Errors for the following prototype functions
# N/A for both ① and ②
③javascript: void (0) is returned for javascript control

Applicable source code Tried

① = IMPORTXML (A1,"/html [@ class ='jp js csstransitions']/body [@ class ='takeover dfpTakeovers']/div [@ class ='wrapper']/section [ @ id ='leftColumn']/div [@ id ='technicalstudiesSubTabs']/ul [@ id ='techSummaryPage']/li [@ class ='daily']/a/div [@id ='techinalContent']/div [@ class ='halfSizeColumn float_lang_base_1']/table [@ id =']/tbody/tr [8]/td [@ class ='right'])

② = IMPORTXML (A1,"// */li [7]/a/tr [8]/td [@ class ='right']")

③ = IMPORTXML (A1,"// * [@ id ='techSummaryPage']/li [7]/a/@ href")

Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)
  • Answer # 1

    Your xpath seems to be wrong.

    Can be obtained under the following conditions.
    = IMPORTXML (A1,"// * [@ id ='curr_table']/tbody/tr [8]/td [2]")