I want to get the Qiita title in a Google spreadsheet.
Moreover, specifying XPath manually is painful, so I would like to know how to get XPath easily
For now, I'm thinking of acquiring Xpath using chrome's verification function.

Error message

For example, verifying chrome on such a page → right-clicking the video title → Copy XPath
// * [@ id ='main']/article/div [1]/div/div [2]/div [1]/div [1]
Can be obtained.

As far as I looked up on the web
It was written that it can be acquired by changing """ of the acquired XPath to "'" and doing as follows.
= IMPORTXML ("https: //qiita.com/rllllho/items/cb1187cec0fb17fc650a","// * [@ id ='main']/article/div [1]/div/div [2]/div [1]/div [1]")

But this will display N/A in the spreadsheet.

Since I can't find anything other than handwork and this way
I would appreciate it if you could tell me the search word and how to do it.