I'm learning ruby ​​on rails now
Do I have the qualifications when I get a job?

Recently, is it better to get a qualification for job hunting under various circumstances? I often ask questions.

I think my qualification is an IT passport or a Cisco guy
Even if I don't take my thoughts, I think it's easier to talk if you create your own application and take it to the interview.

I'd like to ask people who are working in the field.
Should I keep my qualifications?
Is it indispensable if I want to grow as an engineer?

If i have a simple qualification, I have heard of a rumor that you can get if you have the power to make one application. I'm not sure ...

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I want to hear your opinions! !

  • Answer # 1

    It's not a program question, so answering it may be a problem ...

    The answer is natural
    It's better than there isn't


    I created an original application and took it to the interview

    That may be a problem if you can see the app.
    It will be difficult to evaluate the program in a short time.
    Even though it looks great, the contents may be awkward.

    Qualifications are not indispensable, but it is advantageous for the employer to employ many engineers with difficult qualifications in order competition.

    Learning to acquire qualifications is not likely to be directly useful in the field, but only in daily work
    Studying for an exam may be useful to gain skills and perspectives that cannot be obtained.

  • Answer # 2

    Qualification (with a few exceptions) is an indicator in the IT industry that you have enough knowledge. There are many people who do not have qualifications but have knowledge, and conversely, there are few people who have knowledge but have no practical experience (water training on tatami mats).
    So it's just a reference.
    In that sense, your own program will be a reference level as well (unless you have already made a proven software).

    Well, if you had a self-made program, be prepared to push it to see if you really made it, or if you understand it properly (laughs)

    When you actually get involved as a business, having a qualification is considered useful as a human resource. There is a possibility that a condition such as "Those who have the qualification of XX are participating" may be added to the conditions of the project.
    You may also be allowed to put in a business card that you have a qualification (authoritative and well known).
    * Information processing safety support personnel are national qualifications, and those who do not have qualifications cannot give their names (proprietary name). It ’s also the most difficult level

  • Answer # 3

    in practice

    Personally, qualifications are not very relevant.

    I acquired a software development engineer (currently applied information engineer) when I was a student, but I've never been able to do that because I have a software. There are many people who do not have qualifications but have sufficient skills.

    Although vice versa, if you have a basic information engineer but don't understand the basics of DB well, or if you say "If you can't make it well, let's try building the algorithm" There are quite a few people who answer "What is an algorithm?"

    It is not important to have a qualification, but it is important to use the process up to that point in your knowledge and experience.
    * Some companies have preferential treatments such as granting qualification allowance, giving out money to get qualification, and getting a lump sum when passing, so some people get it for that purpose.

    In job hunting

    There is no doubt that it is "useful" in terms of whether it is useful during job hunting.
    This is because when it is viewed from the corporate side, it is an indicator that "there is an excellent enough to pass this difficulty test".
    Of course, if you have a program that you created yourself, it will be a good indicator because it will be an index that you can apply the study content.

    However, if you have only simple qualifications, it may be negative, saying, "I could not pass the exam with more difficulty."

  • Answer # 4


    Should I have a qualification?

    I'm sorry to return the question to the question, but the main premise is "Who are you?"
    This is very important and will be processed as a mere questionnaire if left unattended.

    For example, in a vocational school, the story changes completely.
    This is because vocational schools use qualifications as "the fact that they have studied at least this amount" and aim for a job offer.

    Generally speaking, it ’s better to be than qualified,
    Those who have graduated in information and only got an IT passport will be paid in advance.
    On the other hand, it will be a + α existence that it is better to have an app than to have no app.

    Because there are competitive professionals, research and graduation theories at universities,
    If you can objectively tell people what you have accumulated to become an IT engineer, no qualifications or apps are required.


    I think it's easier to talk if you create your own application and take it to the interview.

    The story will surely bounce.
    A great engineer will not grow without making anything,
    I feel like I should talk to someone who hasn't made anything.
    However, it will not be a decisive difference in whether or not employment is decided.

    If you ’d like to advise, you should put the source code on GitHub so that recruiters can see it.


    Is it better to keep my qualifications?
      Is it indispensable if you want to grow as an engineer?

    If you are not an IT engineer, qualifications are absolute.
    Riding in a car, handling gasoline, building a house, examining people, justice ... It's like the whole world is turning around with a license.
    IT engineer qualifications are just a guide.

    The IT engineer's combat power is determined by the absolute amount of knowledge accumulated.
    Knowledge is a point, and while creating many points, nearby points are connected to form a line, and the magic team is finally completed and begins to use magic.
    Needless to say, it can be said that this magic was embodied as an app or tool.

    To make a blog with Rails is like buying a Fire Magic Book and actually drawing a magic circle.
    The amount of knowledge ends up in a small unity, so changes that cause innovation will take time.
    Since qualifications are sporadic knowledge, it tends to end with a point, but since a point can be left in a genre that is slightly different from the field, the study may progress from that point after a while.

    Being able to create an app is a considerable advantage because it is visualized in units that the fire can be used at least if it is an app.
    You can count as a great wizard, as the questioner says.
    But if you just made one of your own blogs and left it behind,
    It would be better if you were studying for qualification.


    What do you mean

    Although there are many bad adults who want to become studying people and skip study, In general, companies that students want to find employment will increase the proportion of geniuses who have continued to study.
    So if you look at it from a severe perspective, the qualifications and apps are just like a baby.

    Have a qualification: Isn't the qualification a job?

    Creating an app: I admit that I did my best, but the code is messed up.

    We have 30 to 40 engineers working in society,
    Even if I started studying at the age of 18, I was a great senior who had been studying for at least 12 years.

    If you want to work with you, I want you to continue to learn from the same attitude and grow up with your rivals.
    There are things that have accumulated more reliably than people who have qualifications, make apps, and do nothing but
    I feel that I will continue to study.

    If Mr. Seseri, who made Peing (question box), would think "This is a wonderful engineer ...",
    If you're just making a ToDo app or a blog while reading a how-to book, there's no impression.
    Whether you are willing to grow up or not, just hire someone who will make you feel it.