I'm trying to create a push delivery with Monaca + Firebase.
However, when cordova-plugin-firebase is imported and installed on the actual machine, it is abended to the splash screen language.

1) Create a minimal project with Monaca + AngularJS
2) Import cordova-plugin-firebase
3) Debug build
4) Install on actual machine
iPhone6sPlus iOS11.4.1

When you start up after this, "Monaca" will abend after the splash screen is displayed.

There was an article that works when the cordova-plugin-firebase version is down
I tried [email protected] and [email protected] but it was the same.

What version will it work with?

  • Answer # 1

    After all, I refer to the following site.
    "Try using Firebase Cloud Messaging with cordova."

    Cordova-plugin-fcm is used.

    We have confirmed the operation of sending messages from Firebase.

  • Answer # 2

    I checked a little, but I don't think it's a version issue. cordova-plugin-firebase documentation

    Firebase SDK requires the configuration files to be present and valid, otherwise your app will crash on boot or Firebase features won't work.
    I thought it was similar to the reported phenomenon.
    Is there a possibility that the GoogleService-Info.plist file is not prepared or that the settings do not match the app?

    If you want to perform push delivery, phonegap-plugin-push is recommended because it has a track record. (If this is also the latest version, Android does not work well with Monaca, so version 2.1.2 seems to be good. Also, as with cordova-plugin-firebase, GoogleService-Info.plist is required. the latest version has been using internally phonegap-plugin-push.)

  • Answer # 3


    After all, cordova-plugin-fmc is used.