I am studying real-time chat using Swift4 + MessageKit + Firebase. I would like to customize the program that I made by requesting from Kokonara.

Error message

I don't understand "delegate"

Applicable source code
Source code
Tried I searched the internet for

"delegate"and watched explanations and explanation videos.

Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

I would like to customize the program delivered by Kokonara,
When I talked to the supplier, I was told to study "quote".
I've read and viewed material about"delegate" ;.
I'm having trouble understanding what is in the description and what part of the delivered program is "delegate".
I'd like to let you know if there is a source or site that"delegate"can understand.
You may show all the source of the delivered program.
Thank you in advance.

Books read
"Establishing an iPhone app seriously"
"Swhift4 for the field"
"Introduction to iPhone application development" Super "that will never be frustrated"

Watched video
"Swift Beginners Study" Understanding Swift Delegates and Procedures "
"Swift Beginners Study" The first step in enjoying iOS development! Delegates should be as easy to understand as possible! Swift Beginners Study Session 18 ""

Sites visited
Qiita [swift] You can see from the illustrations! Specific usage of Delegate.
Qiita [Swift] delegate implementation flow
侍 Engineer ripening [Introduction to Swift] Let's understand how to use difficult delegates!

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    Read it

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    The question was changed because the question was too vague.

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