I recently released an iOS app on the AppStore, but AdMob ads are not displayed in the app. Two advertisements, a banner and a full screen.
Until now, it was displayed with no problem when building with simulator and actual machine using test ID. However, if you use the production ID, it will not be displayed after the release.

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    I'll post the url, thinking that the question that was asked before may be applicable (. ・ ω ・.)

    AdMob banners are not displayed in IOS apps created with Sprite kit

    When I checked the payment menu, I was alerted that "Ads will not appear until you enter your personal information."

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    AdMob ads are not displayed

    Although it is said to take several hours for the time being,
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    If you still can't, please tell me to send UnitID
    (by Mobile Ads SDK Team)


    It could be that you have only recently created a new Ad Unit ID and requesting for live ads.It could take a few hours for ads to start getting served if that is that case.If you are receiving test ads then your implementation is fine.Just wait a few hours and see if you are able to receive live ads then.If not, can send us your Ad Unit ID for us to look into.

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    May have become longer recently
    Are there any emails or warnings in the app?