I want cloud9 preview to work properly

I was creating a simple 2ch app with a learning service called Syllabus.
At first, the preview functioned normally and the learning itself was going smoothly.
The following message suddenly appears on the preview screen.
The result was the same even if accessed directly from the link.

Error message

$rails s
I started the server with
=>Booting Puma
=>Rails 5.2.0 application starting in development
=>Runrails server -hfor more startup options
Puma starting in single mode ...

  • Version 3.11.4 (ruby 2.4.1-p111), codename: Love Song
  • Min threads: 5, max threads: 5
  • Environment: development
  • Listening on tcp: // localhost: 8080
    Use Ctrl-C to stop
    It becomes.

Next Preview → Preview Running Application
When is opened, the previous screen is displayed.


$rails s
$rails s -b $IP -p $PORT
rails s -b
Entering did not change the result.

Supplemental information

OS: windows10
I use AWS cloud9.

  • Answer # 1

    When I got a VFS connection does not exist error in cloud9 preview before, and when cloud9 is not running on the connecting screen, I tried the following steps and solved it.

    Close and close the cloud9 window

    From AWS service list Computing>EC2

    Left EC2 Dashboard>Instance

    Select the left checkbox for the problem instance

    Action button at the top>Instance state>Stopped

    Return to cloud9 and start the project again

    In my case, it was restored in the above way.
    We hope for your reference.