I'm developing an app with Monaca, but I want to use a variable in the contents of the HTML tag to make the operation random, but I don't know what to do.
I want to use a variable inside the tag, such as<div position ="variable"> ;.

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I thought about learning about "A-frame" for creating WebVR, but when specifying the color, position, and angle of an object

&lt;a-box color = "# 6173F4" width = "4" height = "10" depth = "2" position = "-10 5 -5" rotation = "0 0 45" scale = "2 0.5 3"&gt;

Since it is specified in the tag like this, I do not know how to make it random in such a state.

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    I think the

    data attribute is useful.

    Try using the data attribute in jQuery

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    Isn't it possible to perform data binding normally because monaca can use the mechanism of Angular?
    I don't know the specifications of "A-frame" ...

    Image is

    <a-box color = "{{data.color}}" width = "{{data.width}}" height = "{{data.height}} "...

    It ’s like that.

    I use img tag instead of a-box tag, but it looks like this