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I started a new VPS (Ubuntu18) and ranadduser

Room Number []:

It was time I tried searching in English, but I still didn't understand what I was saying.
What is thisRoom Number?

What role do you play?

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    As it is written here.

    In a situation where faculty and staff have their own laboratories and have extension telephones at universities, etc., it is a function that would have been useful in such an environment.

    This is not true for many current PC users, but the functionality remains as a remnant. You can ignore it if you don't need it.

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    Auxiliary information that is one of the finger information, office location.

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    adduser seems to be just a room number ^^;

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    When I searched on various pages, it seems that it has been in the old UNIX era and has a historical background.
    Room Numberis literally a room number, and it seems to be information that identifies the user in a room in a university, laboratory, or company.
    It seems that fields such as room numbers are also called "GECOS fields".

    Perhaps at that time UNIX was expensive and used by everyone connected to the server, so I think that such a field would be useful for managing each user.

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