I'm going to do a real machine test in Appium Studio.
Setup is performed along the following URL.
https: // docs. experitest.com/display/TC/AS+-+Android+-+Build+your+first+test

But in the chapter "Target Application"
The target app will fail to import.

Error message
Failed to import Android app-Cannot run program "/ Applications/AppiumStudio/bin/adb/apt/aapt_64_mac" (in directory "/ Applications/AppiumStudio/bin/adb/apt"): error = 13, Permission denied
Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

・ Android smartphone is connected to PC via USB
・ Developer mode is turned on
・ "File transfer" is set in "Default USB settings"

We searched including English sites, but I asked a question because I could not find a solution.