From the top page of the site created with WordPress,
I want to redirect directly to the lower page

Problem i am experiencing

It is a site for one event application, but it is a plug-in called "Events Manager"
Since the application form has been created, the form cannot be displayed on the top page.

Therefore, when you access the top page, you will automatically have an application form
I want to redirect to the event page,
A redirect loop occurs when set in .htaccess

Supplemental information

WordPress version is 5.22, install in [wordpress] directory,
It is displayed with the root URL directly under the domain.

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    When I access the top page, I want to automatically redirect to the event individual page with the application form

    In other words, do you just go to the event individual page when you arrive at the URL of the top page without browsing the top page at all?
    If the above is correct, then the header location is fine.

    I don't know if I use

    home.phporfront-page.php, but at the top of the top page php file How about writing?

    header ('Location: URL of event page');
    exit ();

    SEO is not taken into account.
    If you think about SEO, you should stop redirecting the top page to the event page.
    If you are yourself,cURLwill scrape and display only the form part.

    I don't know because I've never used it, but if it's a plug-in, it might be a short code display.