・ I want to make a responsive website with DB (SQL) search function and security in consideration by combining AngularJs (Angular) ・ CakePHP ・ Bootstrap framework.


A question arises before starting the actual work.

・ Is there a perfect combination of AngularJs (Angular) ・ CakePHP ・ Bootstrap framework?
Or are there other recommended framework combinations?
If there is something,
What kind of combination is the mainstream in the actual field?
I want to teach you.

Add requirements

I have added a lot of advice that the requirements are ambiguous.
(Thanks for advice from many people)

The site I was thinking of was that I wanted to create a DB search screen for the DB I created and a site that could display the search results as my own site, not a site requested from outside.
(Imaginarily, "Create and publish a site that allows users to search and display more than just an address book list")
As a condition for creating such a site,
A "Security around DB search"
B "Responsive for smartphones"
-Initially, the above-mentioned DB search screen and search result display will be implemented, but other functions may be required in the future. (Since this part is too ambiguous, it should be ignored at this time (it can only be ignored))

I originally thought that by using a framework that would meet the above AB conditions, we could create a site that we wanted efficiently.

Is there a perfect combination of AngularJs (Angular), CakePHP, and Bootstrap frameworks at that time?

It was


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    Since we have received a response request, we will respond.


    ・ Is there a perfect combination of AngularJs (Angular), CakePHP and Bootstrap frameworks?

    First, since Bootstrap is a part of the appearance style, I think that it is not related to the problem in this case, so I will not ask it.
    Also, since AngularJS and Angular will change the implementation method, etc.
    I would like to talk with the Angular I am currently developing.

    Now, it ’s a story with no originals or children,
    I ca n’t say anything because it depends on the requirements.
    So, depending on what kind of site is created, the necessary and effective framework will vary.
    Just because the JS framework, including Angular, is popular, using it in the dark clouds, rather than a big burn, will burn the project.

    Now, it is a combination of Angular and CakePHP,
    As a personal view,
    Too many roleswill occur, so it ’s better not to be honest, and it ’s better to stop.
    This is because CakePHP is a framework that can perform batch management in an integrated manner from PHP to DB linkage to page display logic and real display.
    On the other hand, Angular is specialized in the display part, and it enables the front end to manage HTML display in an integrated and integrated manner.
    (A brief summary)

    Assuming you use Angular. Then, in CakePHP, the functions from the view logic to the actual display cannot be used inevitably (although there may be a method, mixing the display part of Angular and PHP is basically impossible), fact DB Only the control part will be used.
    If that's the case, then there is no need for CakePHP if there is only a PHP framework there.
    Isn't it enough to use only the DB control library?
    It will be.

    And let's assume that CakePHP is used at the center.
    There is no turn of Angular because it manages all the way to the final view.
    (In other words, it is quite impossible to mix and use as described above.)

    By the way, if you think about security, DB control is absolutely useless on Angular (front end side). If you let the front side handle DB information, it will be visible from others. There is no security or fucking.
    There is no choice but to prepare an API for server side like PHP.

    I want to make it seamless with SPA! Then, Angular or JS framework,
    If you want to process various things on a server with a web application that handles customer information, you should use a server-side language framework.
    If you really want to use SPA and server processing,
    Only server processing, API linkage with the server side, only the display part is JS framework!
    I should do it.

    When considering the above, because of the nature of the framework and the nature of the language used,
    Since you have a choiceto meet your requirements,
    Which combination is the best in the current era! Do not do it! There is nothing.

    However, just speaking about Angular and CakePHP this time, it is difficult to combine them, and it may result in crushing the good points of each other.
    If it was Vue.JS, it might be easy to combine with CakePHP.

    I'm very sorry for the answers that contain a lot of personal opinions.
    That's it.

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    ・ Is there a perfect combination of AngularJs (Angular) ・ CakePHP ・ Bootstrap framework?
      Or are there other recommended framework combinations?
      If there is something,
      What kind of combination is the mainstream in the actual field?
      I want to teach you.

    Because it depends on the requirements, I can't answer whether it's perfect, but I feel like it's not so funny.

    However, I think that it is better to check and compare the frameworks that have recently attracted attention (Laravel, React, Vue.js, etc.).


    Has DB (SQL) search function

    Since a general web framework is installed as a basic function, you don't have to worry about it.



    It depends on what kind of function you are looking for in the web framework, so check it first.


    I want to create a responsive website.

    I think that Bootstrap is enough if only "Responsible" is what you want.

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    This is my opinion.



    There is

    , but how much security do you want to consider?
    For example, for security measures between terminals and servers, there are SSL/TLS, etc.
    If you intend to protect your information, you must take another approach.

    There are many people who use Bootstrap on the homepage, but sometimes I wonder "How is it?" This is because CSS is not compressed for SEO.

    When you create someone else's site, you can set up the static part from scratch and ask dynamics such as PHP to ask someone who is familiar with security.

    I don't use the framework, but sometimes it is better to compress it.

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    Most things can be done in the main framework (including security), so it will be "in the end".
    If you are working, you need to take into account the skills and customs of the members, but if you do not, you will be "what you think is easy to do".