Unclear points and what I want to do

Nested list links could be realized with v-list-item, but I don't know how to link non-nested items.
For the following sources, I want the dashboard link to go through.

Current source
<v-list nav dense>
                    v-for = "menu in menus"
                    : key = "menu.name"
                    : prepend-icon = "menu.icon"
                    : append-icon = "menu.subMenus? undefined: ''">
                    <template v-slot: activator>
                    <v-list-item v-for = "subMenu in menu.subMenus": key = "subMenu.title": to = "subMenu.link">
menus: [
                    {title: 'Dashboard', icon: 'dashboard', link: '/ dashboard'},
                    {title: 'System configuration', icon: 'system_update_alt',
                        subMenus: [
                            {title: 'System configuration', link: '/ system'},
                            {title: 'Time setting', link: '/ time'},

I tried to implement v-list-item in the template and implemented it in the template, but it was not displayed correctly.


If i understand, I would appreciate it if you could teach me.