The scroll bar of the text box created on the Access form,
I want to be able to scroll with the mouse.

Error message

I am currently thinking that I can write as follows.

①Click a specific text box
② Get MouseWheel event
③Judge whether you scrolled up or down
④ Move in the text box by the distance specified either up or down

The stumbling part is mainly
・ ② → Event acquisition is not possible in the first place
・ ③ → How to get scrolling up and down
・ ④ → How to specify distance
It is three points.

Sorry if there is a lack of explanation because I still don't understand Access and VBA.
Please let me know if there is any good method other than the above method.

  • Answer # 1

    A long time ago on YU-TANG's page, it is now closed.
    Since it remains in the WEB archive, please refer to the following.

    How to use MouseWheel event | YU-TANG's MS-Access Discovery

    However, since it is old information, it is not confirmed whether it works normally with the current version.

    I made a quick sample and copied the above code.
    Although it is necessary to modify the code, we confirmed that it works properly with Access2019.