Suppose you have your own domain below.


example.com itself cannot be used because it wants to introduce its own CMS.
I want to introduce WordPress to the domain example.com/blog.

In other words, when the user enters a URL

example.com →→→ CMS is displayed
example.com/blog →→→ WordPress top page is displayed

I want to set the WordPress top page to appear when I enter example.com/blog like this.

In this case,
How should I set the settings on the WordPress side (below)?

Wordpres address
Site address

Also, domain settings have already been implemented and are suitable for the Sakura VPS side.
If i need to set more, please.
Thanking you in advance.


  • Answer # 1

    If you take the method of downloading ZIP etc. from the official, the rough procedure is as follows.

    1, Create a blog directory and unzip the WordPress file there.

    2, Create DB Reference

    3, access

    4, Enter information

    Although it is written in the middle of the procedure, it is written in detail here, so why not refer to it?

  • Answer # 2

    If the WordPress installation directory remains the same

    Wordpres address example.com/blog
    Site address example.com/blog

    I think it will be


  • Answer # 3

    Set example.com/blog for both addresses without saying too much. Say if you don't move after setting.