I am trying to control the web with Selenium in Python.
The program is as follows.

from selenium import webdriver
if __name__ == '__main__':
    print ("0")
    # Start IE with ChromeDriver path as argument
    driver = webdriver.Ie (r "C: \ Selenium \ IEDriverServer.exe")
    print ("1")
    # Transition to specified URL
    driver.get ("http: //xxxx.htm")
    print ("2")
    print ("3")

It will run until you start IE and see http: //xxxx.htm.
Only 0 and 1 are printed when the print statement is executed. Nothing before print ("2") is executed.

This program worked fine on windows7.
On Windows10, programs below driver.get ("http: //xxxx.htm") are not executed.

What should I do? If i could teach me, it'll helps a lot.

  • Answer # 1

    Is this not possible?

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