I use FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced.

To search by date and display related data

The script is set as follows.

Script 1

When a date is selected from the drop-down calendar (example: 10/14/2019), the ID (ID191014) that matches the date is displayed in the ID field.

[Script trigger setting: OnObjectModify (changes the value of the ID field when the date of the drop-down calendar is changed)]

Script 2

Search/display data related to the ID.

【Script trigger setting: OnObjectModify (Search/display related data when ID is changed)】

The data related to the ID is displayed properly, but at the same time, the date in the drop-down calendar changes arbitrarily.

If i stop with only script 1, the calendar will display the date you selected.

Calendar dates change when searching for Script 2. (Now stores data for 10/11, 10/12, 10/13, 10/14, but changes to one of these dates)

At this time, the ID will change as the date of the drop-down calendar changes, but

Script 2 is not executed.

Originally, if the ID is changed, script 2 will work and the data matching that ID should be searched/displayed. (← This is due to the change in the drop-down calendar, so this is not necessary.)

How do I keep the date in the drop-down calendar from changing after searching?

Thank you very much.


In script 1,
The calendar field (date) and ID field (text) are separate fields,
If the date changes, the script is set so that 2019/10/14 is 191014 and the ID is added to the head of the ID field.

In script 2,
First, go to the field I want to search,
"Execute Search/Replace" is performed with the following settings.
Execution: Find Next, Search (F): ID, Search Direction: All, Search Range: All Records, Search Target: Current Record

For tables and records,
There is one table and layouts are "input screen" and "reference screen".
The person who asks this time is the "reference screen".

Isn't it good to have a single table?
Since the "input screen" and "reference screen" have the same data, I thought that only one table would be enough.

I will supplement the production because the explanation was insufficient.
The general flow is as follows.

On the input screen
1 Select a date from the drop-down calendar.
2 An ID based on the date is created.
3 Enter the information for the day. (Product A is produced. Product B is produced △. Product C is produced □.)

On the "Browse" screen
1 Select the day I want to check from the drop-down calendar.
2 An ID based on the selected date is displayed.
3 Display information (based on ID) for the selected day. (Product A is produced. Product B is produced △. Product C is produced □.)

In header
Drop-down calendar (calendar field) and ID field

Product name field and quantity field
Is placed.

  • Answer # 1

    Nice to meet you.
    I'm sorry if this was resolved,

    The date field in the header is
    Isn't it an ordinary date field?

    The header date field probably needs to be a global field to do what you want to do,
    Otherwise, the date of the header changes depending on the active record.

    I'm sorry if it is misplaced.
    Please do your best in development.