(I'm sorry for the non-specific question ...)
On a site using WordPress, I would like to implement the URL parameter value as input, and display each differently.

The specific image looks like the following URL.
https://history-search-list.com/%E8%BF%91%E4%BB%A3%E3%83%BB%E7%8F%BE%E4%BB% A3% E5% B9% B4% E8% A1% A8 /? Lv1_1 = 04&lv2_1 = 0401&lv3_1 = 040101&lv1_2 = 01&lv2_2 = 0101&lv3_2 = 010101&lv1_3 = 02&lv2_3 = 0201&lv3_3 = 020101&from_y = 1850&to_y = 2017&subA %% 4% 6% A2

As shown on the following site,
I can find information to make with short codes, but

Is it possible to create a page template?
Thanks for your instruction.

  • Answer # 1

    ↓ Simply switch.

    【[WordPress] Switch the template to load depending on the value of any GET parameter «Codaholic】

    ↓ When using parameters.

    【[WordPress] How to use GET parameter | tamalog】

    ↓ When controlling articles.

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    [Control main query with pre_get_posts | Tips Note by TAM]