I am studying as a network specialist,
Understanding the purpose of the difference in the layer 2 protocol is still uneasy.

I understand my understanding below, so please point out any supplements or mistakes.

■ Ethernet
Exchanges between PC and router and between router and router using Mac address.
Since the destination can be specified by Mac address, is the network configuration free? ?

Always broadcast without using a Mac address.
Since the destination is not specified by Mac address, can it be used only on a one-to-one network? ?
Because it has an authentication function, it is used for communication between home routers and ISPs.

■ Token Ring
Packets called tokens flow through the network on the ring. The destination is specified by Mac address in the token.

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    ■ Ethernet
    ■ Token ring
    ・ A protocol that spans both layer 1 and layer 2. There is not much difference in functionality just by the implementation method.

    -Ethernet is a format in which the sender shouts loudly and the receiver listens only to the voice addressed to him
    Token ring is a format in which data is sent to the next person with the data sent to the circulation board sent by the sender periodically, and the receiver receives the data sent to him.
    ・ The weak point of Ethernet is that when multiple nodes shout at the same time, it interferes, and the weak point of token ring is that the whole person stops when the person who turns the circulation cannot turn.
    ・ Established almost as a single Ethernet due to a drop in the cost of solving interference problems at an early stage.

    PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)
    A protocol created for use in one-to-one communications, not only for one-to-one networks.
    ・ Because there is a one-on-one assumption, the concept of a destination is not necessary in the first place.
    -PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) is used between home routers and ISPs, and is a protocol that uses a virtualized PPP infrastructure on the Ethernet network for communication.