We will be a Wordpress beginner.

Using Wordpress, like Wantedly and Suumo
I'm thinking of creating a site that matches users and clients.

Here are the functions I want to implement at the minimum in the system.

-Register for each client
-Only some pages can be edited and customized for each client.
-Users must register when they want to contact a client.

Is it possible to create a site that satisfies the above functions with wordpress?

If I want to make a decent service, you can say that you can make it with Rails, but for the time being it is a stage that can be produced with Wordpress for the prototype stage, so please refrain from such opinions this time I am grateful if you can. (If i need to get on track and grow, I'm thinking of making a good system like Rails or Django.)

I would be very pleased if you could give me advice from a detailed person.
Thanks for your cooperation.

  • Answer # 1

    I have built an internal portal site with Wordpress.
    At that time, we used a plug-in to manage user rights and granted editing rights.

    The plug-in used at that time used "WPFront User Role Editor".

    The reason for using this plug-in is that there is a "Pro version" that can be used in the multi-site version because Wordpress was used as a multi-site version.

    Although it may be only Pro version, you can specify the right to edit/delete for each page, and even the navigation menu can be set to show/hide according to the right. (* Of course, the menu items on the management screen can also be displayed/hidden.)
    You can also find plug-ins that can be viewed only after logging in. (* I used it in the past.)

    There are plug-ins related to these permission settings, and some are free.
    If you consider the security of WordPress itself and the database load, you should avoid it if you have a large number of users, but if you operate a member page, it may be easy as an entrance.

  • Answer # 2

    Speaking it is not possible, it is "Yes", but it is not recommended.
    I feel better around UseBB.

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