Developing with NUXT.JS.
Since I am doing self-study with some kind of understanding, I often get stuck in rudimentary places.

This time about how to handle modules,
It is a module to install with "npm install 〇〇" or "yarn add 〇〇",
What is the difference between the one with @ in front of the name and the one without it?

Modules with

@ can only be used in the nuxt.config.js modules section.
It is in a state where I do not have an essential understanding, and it would be helpful if someone could tell me!

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    What is the difference between the ones with @ in front of them and those without ones?

    The module namespace. Not particularly related to module functionality (official npm).

    @ ***/can be managed in a specific group, so for example, the module below@babel/is Babel official It can be judged.