Thanks for your attention.

I want to allow Oracle users to execute only the impdp command without giving the Oracle user the right to execute the expdp command. Is this possible?

If possible, can you tell me the authority for the Oracle user?

Thanks for your cooperation.

DB information
・ Oracle 12c SE2
・ Single instance
・ Windows Server 2012R

  • Answer # 1

    Past log If you also refer to the permissions required to use the Oracle: expdp, impdp command and their links, expdp and impdp both require fairly powerful permissions. Therefore, it should normally be operated so that only members of the DBA team or similar positions can execute expdp and impdp.
    If it is unavoidable, it is possible to give the necessary authority only when "impdp command is executed", and to deprive the authority when impdp is over. It is quite troublesome to actually operate.

    Note that the required privileges vary depending on the overall mode, schema mode, table mode, etc.