I can't access the Oracle DataBase installed on the virtual server from OracleClient.

The environment is as follows.

-Virtual server (Hyper-V is set up on the host server and built)
OS: WindowsServer2019 (Standard)
Oracle: OracleDatabase19.3

Host server
OS: WindowsServer2016 (Standard)
Oracle: Unknown

・ PC trying to connect to the virtual server
OS: Windows10
Oracle: OracleClient12c
* Database information installed in the virtual server is added to tnsnames.ora.

Although a remote desktop connection is possible between a virtual server and a PC,
Ping communication is not possible. (Unknown)

What is the reason why you cannot connect in the above environment?
I would appreciate your teaching.

  • Answer # 1

    Oracle 19c Database Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows Software Requirements
    Windows Server 2019 x64-Standard, Datacenter and Essentials editions
    Is supported, but

    Oracle12.2 Database Client Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows Software Requirements
    >OS: Windows10
    Windows 10 x64-Pro, Enterprise and Education editions
    Many people say that Windows10 Home Premium is not guaranteed to work.