I am a beginner.

I'm sorry I didn't understand the previous question.

I will start from the beginning.
I looked at the book and built a program to displaymaps.

I made it as written in the book,run the simulator,
The map will not be displayed, but will stop with theuncreated helloworldcharacter.
How can I display the map that I originally wanted to simulate?

If i look at the code, it seems that a program that displays the word helloworld is written from the beginning.

I just put map kit view from the object library, but I haven't touched the code yet.
The xcode version is 11.2.1.

Is something wrong with the simulation?
How can I open the map app I wanted to see without displaying hello world?

  • Answer # 1

    I'm probably not using Xcode11, but

    In iOS, there was originally calledUIKitas a UI creation mechanism, but Xcode11 introduced a new mechanism calledSwiftUI.
    Was there any check items such asSwiftUI to usewhen creating a new project?
    If it is turned on, a project using SwiftUI may have been generated and the code for displaying the label set as hello world may be included from the beginning (as a guide).

    And perhaps the reference book doesn't use SwiftUI (or assumes Xcode10 or earlier).
    If you create a project without enabling SwiftUI, you will probably be able to solve various problems.

    I'm full of imagination, so sorry if wrong.

  • Answer # 2

    I looked for it as you said.

    When I changed the setting of UserInterface that seemed suspicious from SwiftUi to StoryBord,
    A map is now displayed.

    Thank you very much.