I am a beginner studying various things
Thank you.

I want to upload to heroku so that I can post images
It can be done in the local environment (homestead)
Previously, laravel fails to upload images and displays an error
Thank you for taking care of me. thanks for your help.
I used the code that was advised at that time.
When implementation is completed in the local environment, deployed to heroku, and the image is uploaded, the following error appears.

Error message
In laravel debuger
LOG.error: Can't write image data to path (/app/storage/app/public/images/BSoK3xp37io7hcSbQmUB0hw283E5YcyKAz5TcgFU.png) {"userId": 1, "email": "[email protected]", "exception" : {}}
Applicable source code
I don't know what to upgrade ...
Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

In a local environment
Through symbolic links at php artisan storage: link,
Create a storage/images folder and store the images there, and save the path to the images in the DB
I use postgresql on heroku.

I am a beginner. Please point out any missing information.