I will study in Singapore in three months.
The following contents of the project were told by the local teacher.
I knew what to do, but how should I study ROS in the first place? Is ROS a programming language? Isn't it meaningless to buy robots and other hardware?

Thank you for the interest in this project.
There will be very interesting learning outcomes stemming from this project, incl:
· IoT
· Robotics
· Cloud/edge computing

The project objective is to have a robotic runner to physically bring a child from classroom to the reception counter.
(Current practice is to have a teacher to bring the child out and hand the child over to the parent.)
We will be using Turtlebot 3.

  1. To enable navigation, robotic Operating System is ROS.
  2. To recognize routes, must enable SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping)
  3. Turtlebot 3 has existing Raspberry Pi 3, which can run ROS.
  4. Raspberry Pi can attach camera to perform object detection by inferencing deep learning models
  5. Deep learning models reside in either cloud/edge devices e.g.Intel NCS stick/Google coral

More info can be found here: http://emanual.robotis.com/docs/en/platform/turtlebot3/overview/#turtlebot

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    ROS is not a programming language. It is mainly an OS or framework for programming the parts that make up a robot in units called "nodes" and operating them in a coordinated manner. The library is built primarily in C ++, and the results are sometimes used in a drone programming environment that can now be called a kind of robot. In previous ROS tutorials, there were many explanations of kits that can be purchased for tens of thousands of yen, based on the "rumba" cleaning robot.

    in description

    Turtlebot 3 has existing Raspberry Pi 3, which can run ROS.

    also refers to a kit that can be purchased easily.


    Wouldn't it make sense to purchase hardware such as robots?

    From here, my personal opinion is that if the questioner is a beginner of both software and hardware, it is very unrealistic to learn both in three months. think. ROS itself is software, but it should take some time at first because of various barriers such as Ubuntu setup and environment construction. Without purchasing a real robot
    Since it can be operated with a software simulator, I think that you can try it first. If you really feel uneasy about touching a real robot, you should buy a kit and study. "Turtlebot" should be for exactly that purpose.

    As an aside, in 2017 there was an event where the actual Japanese robot "Kuratas" and the American robot "MegaBot Mk.II" actually faced each other.

    [Video available] Japan-US giant robot confrontation "Suidobashi Heavy Industries" vs "MegaBots"-Robosta

    V-Sido OS (manufactured by Bushido OS/Aslatech Co., Ltd.), a robot OS made in Japan, was used for Japanese robots, but ROS was used for American robots. I heard and told you. ROS is an open source OS/framework that is famous in the robot industry.

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    Searched by ROS.