A beginner developing an application using Xcode/swift.
DatePicker is used to display the time (HH: MM).

I wanted to change the layout design, and I could delete the font color and the horizontal line of the picker, but I don't know how to change the font size.

Please change the storyboard or swift code.
Please give me an answer.

I didn't come out very much after examining it, so I gave up half ...

  • Answer # 1

    There were similar articles in the past.
    [StackOverflow] I want to change the UIDatePicker font


    Swift doesn't provide an API to change UIDatePicker's font, but
      It was written here that it can be solved by using UIPickerView instead of UIDatePicker to make it look the same.
      Custom iOS UIDatepicker using UIAppearance

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    In the past, there is a question "I can't do it".