Currently, we moved the blog from Hatena Blog to Word Press, so we want to set canonical and noindex in the meta tag of Hatena Blog. However, since canonical originally exists in Hatena Blog and the url of the page itself is set, it seems that you must rewrite canonical instead of adding it.
However, since the code originally set in Hatena Blog cannot be directly manipulated, it must be rewritten by typing it elsewhere.
For that reason, I found the code to be entered in the head of the blog on the Internet, but I have no knowledge of JavaScript and I do not know whether it is code that fits this intention.
So I want you to see if this code is in line with this intention. Thank you.

TARGET_URL is the url of the new blog.

The blog has moved, so it will move in5seconds

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    The [SEO] tag is a good question.


    Is the code in line with this intention?

    I think

    do the intended move.

    I can't understand without checking the SEO effect.

    From a technical point of view,

    Principle of bot that "if there is a predetermined description within the number of bytes from the beginning ..." of the HTML response from the server.

    In principle, the browser's javascript that receives this response is judged only to generate thumbnail images etc. on the premise of indexing.

    It is said that there are exceptions to the principle, but you have to be prepared for a penalty when it is determined that "tags that are important to SEO are being rewritten with JavaScript", which can be counterproductive Sex should be prepared.

    If you want truly effective SEO results,
    I think that the correct answer is to consult a service that responds to "Hatena-sama" with "301 Moved Permanently".

    The freemium service operated by advertising revenue will lead to a decrease in revenue, so it is up to the business to decide whether to respond.

    Even if you respond, you may be prepared to subscribe for the desired response period.

    If it is implemented as a response to visitors, giving up the SEO effect,
    I think it's enough just to "count down and lead to TARGET_URL".