Where is var/lib/docker?

I want to mount a volume in a container

It seems that the volume source is created in var/lib/docker. See the output results below.

"Mounts": [
                "Type": "volume",
                "Name": "adb6d848c0de565bb262c7be301384f130a86109763edb8adaa84ab529996184",
                "Source": "/ var/lib/docker/volumes/adb6d848c0de565bb262c7be301384f130a86109763edb8adaa84ab529996184/_data",
                "Destination": "/ var/www/html",
                "Driver": "local",
                "Mode": "",
                "RW": true,
                "Propagation": ""

In the container "/ var/www/html"

/var/lib/docker/volumes/adb6d848c0de565bb262c7be301384f130a86109763edb8adaa84ab529996184/_data "

is mounted.

I should have installed docker locally on my MacBook

I think it's somewhere local, but I can't find the file var/lib/docker. Where is it?


I saw the article above, but do I need to connect to the VM with a screen? Will it not be found without doing that?

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    var/lib/dockerand/var/lib/dockerhave different meanings, is that okay?