I'm currently using Xampp's phpMyAdmin. Can I share a single table with others via dropbox etc? If i have any, ask beginners to understand!

I'm trying to create a system with two people, and I'm currently creating a database with phpMyAdmin. Since the database is created with only one computer, I want to be able to edit and create tables on each other's computers. Finally it is completed by connecting this with html.
I want to prevent everyone from sharing it because it is shared only between the two. Up to now, I have created a shared file with Dropbox and shared and edited PowerPoint, etc. Isn't this phpadmin possible as well?

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    phpMyAdmin → Mysql/mariadb is managed and operated from the web
    The name of the database itself is mysql or mariadb.
    If you are using XAMPP, it is a database derived from mysql called mariadb.

    To share the contents of that database,
    Export the database contents (called export or dump)
    Send the exported file to the other side,
    It is classic to import it in the other XAMPP environment, but
    It takes some time and effort.

    Therefore, using a mechanism called VPN to create a private connection route on the Internet,
    VPN server for the questioner,
    Others have VPN client software
    It might be handy to be able to handle it on the same network.

    How about SoftEther VPN?
    Remote access VPN-SoftEther VPN project
    I think the concept of is true.
    As for detailed setting method, this also requires knowledge of network
    It is better to look for examples on the net.

    Or if the router itself has a VPN connection server function, it is good to use it.

    Alternatively, work on the router running XAMPP,
    You can also add a setting called port forwarding, but
    Requires constant router configuration and routing knowledge, and
    Not recommended easily because it will also loosen the security.

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    There was a site with detailed instructions.
    How about making this a reference?
    However, please be aware that the information may be different from the information of 8 years ago and the folder structure and commands may be different.