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Make a flowchart before writing down the program source

It used to be said before, but I don't think so anyway. I don't think it's any better to use a flowchart in a conversation between programmers, even if the person who communicates is not a pragma.

What are your thoughts on the need for flowcharts?

On Wikipedia, the flowchart is even written asprogramming with only goto and if statements(as of this question submission). To be honest, the C language is still easier to see. In order to write a flowchart, after all, it is necessary to finalize the processing to the procedural unit, and if you have organized the processing so far, I think that it can be written in a high-level language. Furthermore, it has become common knowledge to use an IDE for programming now, and it is in an environment where you can use a sophisticated editor and debugger as a matter of course.

Of course, it was valuable before the birth of the C language, but as of today when structured programming has become a common sense, it is already nonsense to use manners in flowcharts. I'm making a studying material for programming now, and opinions are broken. Please let us know what you think of everyone.

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    Make flowchart before writing program source

    This is a story from the assembler era. At that time, the productivity was unreasonable, so I paid even if I used a very low-productivity design tool such as a flowchart. The productivity of modern high-level languages ​​is very high compared to assemblers, so there is no need to spend time writing flowcharts.
    Even in the past (about 30 years ago), there were many people who wrote algorithms in PASCAL in academic academic papers. (Of course, some people use flowcharts.)

    Nevertheless, when applying for a patent, a flowchart is indispensable, so it is sometimes written. If you want to express a simple process in an easy-to-understand manner, you may use a flowchart. Since the flowchart is intuitive, simple processing is excellent in expressive power. Of course, productivity is miserable, so it's important to express it clearly. For example, is it a document for selling to customers?

    The importance of prior design is not denied.
    There are many cases that go through the process of planning (several complicated things are planned) → comparative study → rough sketch description process.
    After writing a rough sketch, it is often necessary to revise the original plan or to redo the comparative study.
    Using flowcharts for rough sketch descriptions means that productivity/maintenance is too low to be useful. I usually write in Japanese.

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    The flowchart was prepared as one of the documents
    I remember that there was an aspect of
    In that sense, it does not match the recent development scale/speed
    I feel that it has become a document.

    On the other hand, to understand the existing source code
    There was an aspect of trying to wake up the flowchart, but
    In the present day when short codes are precious
    It may not make much sense.

    It was used in the era of large general-purpose machines
    If the times change, there are ways to respond accordingly
    Is that not the case?


    I'm making programming study materials now, and opinions are broken

    If that ’s the case, write in detail about that story
    I think different advice will come out again.

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    I don't write it as a flowchart.

    It can be used to write the whole flow conceptually (roughly). Rather than programming, it seems to be used for brainstorming at the basic design stage before that.

    In many cases, UML (sequence diagram) is used as a thing that plays the role of a flowchart.

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    There are many opinions that don't write flowcharts.
    In fact, I have been instructed to write in a different way, and the flowchart is often insufficient.
    However, I often go back to the flowchart. The reason is
    ・ There is no definitive alternative notation.
    ・ Flowchart shows most people. (No education required)
    ・ Can be written without a dedicated tool. (There are parts such as Word)
    Is that so?

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    Now I am making a study material for programming and my opinion is broken.

    I just saw a little bit.

    There is an opportunity for newcomers to teach programming and sometimes draw a flowchart at the introduction stage. Because there are some programming inexperienced people, astage that doesn't use a programming languageis set up to nurture the thinking that creates the flow of processing such as repetition and conditional branching.


    Anyway, if the person who communicates the flow is not a pragma

    Yes, even inexperienced people can understand by looking at the flowchart without needing to teach again, so there are such uses. In that case, there might be a program that runs, and it might be the order of drawing a flowchart for explanation.


    Make flowchart before writing program source

    I have a flowchart image in my head, butit can be written down in code, so it's faster to code quickly. I do not feel the significance of making a flowchart. If you try to draw on a whiteboard to examine the very local processing of the program with others, it is at most that much. The data structure design drawings, state transition diagrams and tables are important.