I want to use the WMI client to obtain information about the virtual machine (VM, not guest OS) running on the Hyper-V host (Windows Server 2012 R2). Microsoft site , I couldn't find a WMI class that provides the following information, so let me know if you know.

  1. Each virtual machine name
  2. OS installed on the virtual machine (Windows Server 2012 R2 or RHEL7 etc.)
  3. Inventory information such as the number of vCPUs allocated to the virtual machine, memory capacity, virtual disk capacity/usage, number of virtual NICs, etc.
  4. Performance information such as vCPU usage, memory usage (amount), virtual disk usage (IOPS, etc.), virtual NIC throughput, etc. allocated to the virtual machine
  • Answer # 1

    I don't know if it covers all the information you want, but it might be around the following reference

    Hyper-V-Micorsoft Docs/Windows/PowerShell

    I think this applies to Get-VM and Measure-VM.