I have a question about the directory structure under/app/controller in rails.
If it is a small system developed by an individual, I think that it is only necessary to place a controller directly below,
If i have a large-scale system, may you place directories under it?
In that case, what kind of arrangement will be made?
For example, there are UsersController.rb and Users directories, inside the Users directory,
Is it created like UserSettingsController, UserProfilesController, UserAuthController?
Is there anyone familiar with that?

  • Answer # 1

    For large scale, many can be called subsystems, or there are things that can be grouped.
    For example
    When there are a lot of masters, they manage the masters.
    When matching a guest and a host, the function used by the guest, the function used by the host, and the function used by the administrator are separated