For example
Suppose a cube model has an object with a lot of components such as scripts and rigid bodies.
What if I want to change the model of this object from a cube to another model (eg a sphere)?

I don't know how to do that now, so I recreated the object from scratch. (A model of a sphere is created, a component is added to it, and the set value is entered)

  • Answer # 1

    It's hard to say that this should be done depending on the script and design

    Once you select the copy component from the gear click,
    If you select Paste Component as New for a new object, I think the effort to re-enter the parameters will be somewhat reduced.

  • Answer # 2

    There was an article that seems to be helpful, but the risk and mistakes when you made a mistake It may be better to change manually if you think that you did not go to.
    [Unity] Prefab "Replace Model" without re-installing the set components

  • Answer # 3

    If model = mesh,
    You can change it by replacing Mesh of MeshFilter component.
    (If you have a Collider, you may also need to change it.)

    Since complex objects (such as humanoids) are difficult,
    I think that it is necessary to design such that only child objects can be replaced by making full use of parent-child relationships.