There are only two categories in WordPress
There was a request in Archive.php that I would like you to summarize by conditional branching.

Do not create category pages, etc.
It becomes description only in archive PHP.

I want to change the design for each 'news' 'recruit'
I've seen it several times, but

Two are displayed on the same page. . .

Is there anyone who understands the conditional branch?

  • Answer # 1

    Hello. He is a super talent.

    To change the design means to change HTML, not CSS?

    Is it like this?

        cat_name;// Category name
        $cat_slug = $cat [0]->category_nicename;// Category slug
        // HTML to display for nesw
        if ($cat_slug == 'news'):?>
             news list 
             recruit list 

    * I'm sorry I added endif because it was missing