I want to generate a map that measures the length and width of the map, the distance to the obstacle, etc. from the wheel circumference and rotation speed by moving a small aircraft with a rasp pie. It is a method of measuring by running the field from the edge to crushed lice.


I want to connect to the self-position estimation after the map generation is complete, so I would like to use a graph or graph like heatmap. However, since I am a beginner of python and rasp pie, I would like to know how to enter them.

Motor speed, distance from wheel circumference.
Whether you hit an obstacle. I think that it can be generated from.

If i need it, you can pick up various things such as travel time and turning angle

  • Answer # 1

    Securing a 2D array in memory (map)

    Measure the distance to the obstacle around the current position

    Mark the route you have already traveled and the location of obstacles on the 2D map

    Change direction and repeat

    Complete when there are no unmeasured areas

    Maybe you should do it.