I want to introduce mnist.

Error message
No module named 'dataset'
Applicable source code
import sys, os
sys.path.append (os.pardir)
from dataset.mnist import load_mnist
(x_train, t_train), (x_test, t_test) = \
    load_mnist (flatten = True, normalize = False)
print (x_train.shape)
print (t_train/shape)
print (x_test.shape)
print (t_test.shape)

I use a teaching material called Deep learning that starts from scratch. The content is advanced according to the teaching materials, and an error appears even if you enter the code. Also, I downloaded all the materials used for teaching materials on the git download site, but this error occurs. I tried imitating other blogs and similar questions, but it didn't work.

Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

I use Anaconda3 spyder3.
Version python3.7.4