I implement email authentication with laravel.
I asked a question without password reset.
I understand that the URL is different, but I don't know the cause.

Error message

① You can send a password reset email.

② Mail is sent to the mail trap.

③ Access is not possible even if the password reset button is pressed.

(You cannot access this site. Your connection has been reset.)

Check URL

In case of ①

In case of ③
http: // localhost/password/reset/{token}/Email address

・ Change URL

In case of ③, it was accessible if changed as follows.
Something is wrong.


  • Answer # 1

    There was an example similar to a past question.


    If you are using the domain yourdomain.com and using port 8005,
      Look at .env as follows.


    APP_URL = yourdomain.com: 8005
      After changing, if you send the password reset email again, the URL will be as follows.


    http://yourdomain.com:8005/password/reset/ {token}


  • Answer # 2


    APP_URL = http: // 8000


    php artisan config: cache