I encountered a symptom of an underline in a WordPress blog that was not specified.

I want to remove this underline.

Problem i am experiencing

For example, this page.

The secondis "Same drugs as Hildoid are sold in the market",
Since then, all text has been underlined.

The underline position looks like CSStext-decoration: underline;, but there is no such designation anywhere, even if you check the following.

What you ’ve verified

The following code was checked for underlined codes, but none of them were found.

text-decoration: underline;→ None
・ Pseudo-elements such asafter→ None
and other underline-dedicated elements->none
・ HTML direct writing → None

If i check from the smartphone, the text below the secondtag is all centered, soIt also seems to have something to do with it.

Can you tell me if you know the cause and countermeasure?

  • Answer # 1

    Theinselement surrounds the entire section because there is no

    inselement end tag. In theinselement,text-decoration: underlineis specified by the user agent style sheet, which affects the descendant elements. Thetext-decorationproperty is not inherited, but it affects all descendants. Therefore, it looks like "There is no specification to underline anywhere" as in the question text.

       § 2. Line Decoration: Underline, Overline, and Strike-Through   

    When specified on or propagated to an inline box, that box becomes a decorating box for that decoration, applying the decoration to all its fragments.The decoration is then further propagated to any in-flow block-level boxes that split the inline (see CSS2.1 section .When specified on or propagated to a block container that establishes an inline formatting context, the decorations are propagated to an anonymous inline box that wraps all the in-flow inline-level children of the block container.When specified on or propagated to a ruby ​​container, the decorations are propagated only to the ruby ​​base.For all other box types, the decorations are propagated to all in-flow children.

    After correcting this, it will be as follows (link for operation check).

    The same drug as hirudoid sells on the market

  • Answer # 2

    HTML There is a part where the syntax is strange, and that is the direct cause. (The following is an example)

    Same drugs as hirudoid are sold commercially

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