Despite this, the original HTML file is decorated with CSS and the background is yellow, the day of the cat is light blue,
I'm planning to increase the font size.

Where is wrong?

What I have tried is a procedure for reading an external CSS file into an HTML document on the Internet
I checked what was wrong with me
I don't know what's wrong because it seems to do the same thing.

  • Answer # 1

    There are a lot of things to worry about, but for the time being about reading.

    If the file is in the hierarchy as presented (assuming html is in a folder)

    is correct.

    If the code is presented

    ├ index.css.html
    ├ images
    ├ style.css
    ├ Screenshot

    It becomes the hierarchical structure.

    I am worried from here on, but I think that it is probably the following configuration, so I think it is easier to organize all the presentation data in the folder.
    If you have a desktop, you may not be able to organize it later, and you will have trouble when creating multiple pages.

    ├ index.capter2.htmlfile-index.css.html
    ├ images
    ├ style.css
    ├ Screenshot