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"2. Click the Gradle sync button", where is it?
The image is my Android Studio screen.

Thank you.

Addition ①

I selected Toolbar, but it still didn't appear.

According to the site, it is only written as project import, but it is not written which one should be selected in the following window that is displayed as import proceeds.


Addition ②

As you pointed out, it is still not displayed.

Addition ③

When I opened the file menu, there was no sync with gradle in the first place.

Addition ④

Try again from the installation of Android Studio.

Addition ⑤

Install Android Studio again, but downloaded the project I want to sync, but the gradle sync button was not displayed.

However, this is from before the re-installation, but if you create a new project from the file menu, the gradle sync button will appear.

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    2. Click the Gradle sync button ", where is it?

    It seems that the button image and position have changed several times even in the same Android Studio 3.x. Although it's a free development tool, it's a little annoying.

    Where is a "Sync project with gradle files" button in Android Studio 3?-Stack Overflow   

    If you have Android Studio 3.5, select "View" from the menu, and check "Toolbar". A toolbar with "Sync Project with Gradle Files" tool button will appear. Below is an example for my Android Studio 3.5. That is the button surrounded by a red frame.