In AndroidStudio (on the source code), there is an xcconfig file under ios (image below)

It is displayed under Flutter directory on XCode (image below)

I really want to move files that currently exist under iOS to the Flutter directory.
However, if you move it and open XCode, you won't be able to find the configuration file and you will get angry.

What action should I take to resolve this reference relationship successfully?

  • Answer # 1

    The directory structure itself does not appear in the Xcode file tree. "Flutter" displayed on Xcode is a group, not a folder.
    Development.xcconfig etc. each refers to which file path the file exists, so if you change the location of the file in the Finder, it will become an error because it will disappear from the reference destination.
    If the reference expires, you can set a new path in Xcode that says "This file is here"