I'd like to display a list of articles of a specific genre in WordPress and distribute the RSS
Is there any way to say output rss list of articles that fall into either category B or tag A?

After the site URL/feed /? tag = tag slug&cat = category slug
It seems that you can get a list like AND search that belongs to both by writing in this way, but I want OR search.


Categorize article categories into categories or create new custom categories
I think that it can be realized if you output the list feed together with what I want to output articles
Then, I am worried that it will be necessary to improve the permalink and breadcrumbs.

For example, if you have the following article

Draft 1
No Article Category
1 Hamburg article Meat dishes
2 Pot article Cooking with vegetablesCooking with meat
3 Salad article Vegetable dishes

※ In article 2, I use both meat and vegetables, but I want to use the category of "cooking with vegetables" as the main item for permalinks and bread crumbs.

If i add categories like this
You can easily get both the RSS of the article list of "Cooking using meat" and the RSS of the article list of "Cooking using vegetables"
Ideal for RSS, but because there are two categories for article 2, it's a permalink and breadcrumbs
You will need to be able to set which category has priority.
Even if you raise the category priority of "Cooking Using Vegetables", it will be reversed in articles that include these two other categories
Since you may want to make "meat with meat" the main item, you will need to be able to set it individually.

Therefore, if it ’s not the main ingredient, use tags

Plan 2
No Article Category Tag
1 Hamburg article Meat dishes
2 Pot article Vegetables Dish with meat
3 Salad article Vegetable dishes

This time, considering this classification, create a sub-loop with WP_Query
In addition to the list of tags "Meats that contain meat" on the list page of the category "Cooking using meat"
I improved the output, but it was a question like this time because only RSS was not possible.
Is there any better way?

  • Answer # 1

    Try addingtax_querywith


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