For example, if you run regression analysis with the following data, one of the ramen shops, Japanese food, Chinese, and Italian will be erased.

ID Sales Store type
1 1930 Ramen shop
2 2520 Japanese food
3 1185 Ramen shop
4 1460 Chinese
5 1770 Italian
6 930 Chinese
7 1890 Italian
8 2500 Japanese food
9 3000 Japanese food

There are two questions.

  1. Is the understanding that the deleted item is rated 0?
    For example, if the analysis results are {Japanese food: 1100}, {Chinese food: -560}, {Italian: 430}, selecting Ramen shop will increase Pramai 0, selecting Japanese food will increase 1100 points, selecting Chinese will lower 560 points , Interpretation is that 430 points will be highly evaluated if Italian is selected. (The numbers are only applied appropriately and are not actually analyzed.)

  2. Is there any way to display all 4 items without deleting
  3. items? Or is it possible to choose the items to be deleted by yourself?

I would appreciate it if you could teach someone.