I would like to draw a heat map with python, but I got an error and I couldn't understand the error.

Sns.heatmap is used as the function to draw the heatmap. For each of the 40 lists
If I want to create a heatmap that contains numbers like a1 = [0,0,2, ...] and you can see the size of the numbers by color change when 40 lists are arranged vertically thinking about.

list_2d = (a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, a6, a7, a8, a9, a10, a11, a12, a13, a14, a15, a16, a17, a18, a19, a20, a21 , a22, a23, a24, a25, a26, a27, a28, a29, a30, a31, a32, a33, a34, a35, a36, a37, a38, a39, a40]
sns.heatmap (list_2d, annot = True, aquare = True, cmap = 'OrRd')
plt.show ()

The program I wrote is as above.
If i turn this
AttributeError: Unknown property aquare
I got a question message because I didn't understand it.
I would like to write if there is something to add, so please give me my answer.