I will ask if there is no problem in terms of adding a TXT record for DNS using the domain of example.com as an example.

Owner domain: example.com

DNS record information

Subdomain Type value
A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
www. CNAME example.com
MX example.com
TXT v = spf1 ip4: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -all

Add the following record for the above settings.

Subdomain Type value
TXT 0123456789ABCDEF

Reasons for adding

With the use of a certain external service, it is mandatory to confirm domain ownership.
For such confirmation, subdomain is generally specified, but this time there is no subdomain designation.

Setting multiple TXT records for the host name (example.com) would violate DNS record rules, etc ....
I am worried about
If there is no problem, I hope ...

If i have any information, please give me a professor.

  • Answer # 1

    You can write as many lines as you like on the TXT record itself

    For example, StackOverflow.com TXT record

    StackOverflow.com. 100 IN TXT "v = spf1 include: _spf.google.com include: servers.mcsv.net + ip4: + ip4: + ip6: fe80: : 216: 3eff: feaf: a90a + ip4: ~ all "
    StackOverflow.com. 100 IN TXT "201708220825542efqy4ipjwd8um2fo4uh4ba9mt0k0mnoj1v84xmw6dftdjtwqq"
    StackOverflow.com. 100 IN TXT "google-site-verification = ejT8q62c5DQCKe9IaOfOzuNe6pGc-xMx12AV8_pQL1U"

    And there should be no more than one SPF or more than one google-site-verification