I'd like to make a 2d shooting game with unity
Do we need knowledge of machine learning to move the enemy to avoid his bullets?
I don't just move left and right, I want to avoid it freely

  • Answer # 1

    You don't need it or it's a field that doesn't work well with typical machine learning

    If you don't hit the bullets, you shouldn't move around in places like off the screen. It should move away from interesting movement as a game
    (Or maybe learning doesn't go well and it's just a strange move.)

    But, machine learning is like raising a baby,
    I think we ’ll be dating in a few years.

  • Answer # 2

    If we just touch the straight line of the bullet ’s flight path and hit it and move away from the line Isn't it good?

    Or look at the distance from the enemy to the bullet and move away if it is close.

    Since this is something that can be done by each person who made it, this is where the game programmer's skills are shown.